Thursday, August 31, 2006


Tired of Commission of Inquiries

Now the report on the Armenians brothers saga has bn handed to Kibaki, what actions will he take? Who will b held accountable? 4rm the Standard group attack to breach of security at JKIA. This was just waste of time n funds 4rm public cofers on forming commission of inquiry yet the responisble personalities were deported. We have many commissions of inquiries' reports pending like Goldenburg, Anglo-Leasing and Ndung'u reports, no actions has bn taken.

In my opinion, forming commissions is another form of corruption which needs another commission of inquiry to investigate the beneficiaries of the commissions' money! We live in a commission of inquiries country.

What do you think?


StackOfStiffys said...

I think those comissions are a hoax, the appointing authority knows what happened in the Artur case and in the others, the police CID and NSIS would definitely find out the truth if the didn't already know it.

On the other hand, the commissions of inquiry if handled transparently, would let people in on what goes on in the country because they hold their hearing in public. If they handled themselves respectfully, they should be able to bring forth witnesses who ae afraid of going to the police.

In the present Kenya, they will not help anything much, aside from creating mudslinging arenas for our politicians as the scale to the upper echelons of Mt. Siasa!

Pekiro said...

The problem is the appointment of commissioners is not done in a transparent way.

The big problem is no action taken after the completion!

ofarmer said...

comission of inquiries are good for the country. they create employment opportunities for those who hold the chairs and all that are involved throughout the duration. lets look up to the ingenious person who started them. the commision of inquiry, truly a kenyan circus.

Pekiro said...

ofarmer, i agree wit ya... they create employment, but it gives jobs 2 pple who already ve jobs... whats the benefit to the common mwananchi? The perks shuld not as huge like that.